Saturday, June 9, 2012

Oh My Lord!

I didn't know that a sinus infection could take so much out of you. I mean, I have horrible allergies and I usually get at least one sinus infection a year due to that, but this one has really knocked me on my ass. Besides the sneezing and coughing and alternating runny/stuffed up nose, I've been having dizzy spells. One time, coming home from school, the dizziness was so strong I couldn't even look out the window of the car because the sensation was overwhelming. I'm on the tail end of my antibiotics, I'm hoping it works.

So, because of that, I haven't been able to really post. Between spells of having to lay down because I am so dizzy and out-right exhausted, I've also had to worry about school and homework. I really wish I wasn't so anal about having perfect attendance for yet another term sometimes because then I end up sitting in class in a zombie-like state, trying so hard to pay attention to what's going on and to not drool on myself at the same time. It's a lot harder than one would think.

I have been weeding through some ideas for posts, though, and I think I know what the next one will be and I will hopefully have it up by the end of the weekend.

In other news, I got my stipend check from the school yesterday and went out and got myself a "new" macbook for $434. I am so happy with it, you really don't even know what a piece of shit my other computer was. It was eight years old and so fucking slow it was almost impossible to work with. I babied it, too, had it set up to scan every night, manually scanned it a couple of times a week with another scanner, I ran disk cleanup and defragged it several times a month and made sure that I didn't run more than a couple of programs at once. And yet, still, it was so slow it would lose in a race against molasses, a snail and a glacier. The repair shop that I bought the macbook from still said they would be interested in buying it, though, so even though I would barely get anything for it I think I'll still sell it. I was going to smash it with a sledgehammer just to make up for all the times it royally pissed me the fuck off but if I could get a few dollars out of it, I suppose that would be better.

I'm off to lay down again for a little bit before I start transferring files. Look for another post this weekend and have a good one.

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