Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jason's Out

So after six or seven months of waiting, Jason finally got in to see a psych doctor (he does not have insurance and apparently this free place takes forever and a half to get into). Well, he's been in pretty bad shape lately, to the point where his school was really, really suffering, and when he went in today, the doctor was actually talking about putting him in a hospital for a little bit.

(Uh, well, if you hadn't pussyfooted around for SIX OR SEVEN FUCKING MONTHS maybe he wouldn't have been so bad, ya think??? GOD.)

Well, anyway, they ended up just giving him a shot of Thorazine and sending him home. Aaaaaand he's OUT like a light! Good thing, though, he's been so tired lately because he hasn't been able to sleep well. I'm slightly jealous.

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