Monday, August 20, 2012

A Case Study in Stupidity, part 1

(I say "part 1" because I know there will be more rants in the future)

So pretty much the whole world has at least now seen The Hunger Games and/or read the books. It’s quite a fascinating take on a dystopian future, though I realize that the subject material isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (what with children killing other children and such). Now, when the movie came out, I hadn’t read the books yet (I wouldn’t for a few more months until I received them as a birthday present) but just watching the trailer and from the buzz online I caught the main drift: dystopian future, kids fighting each other to the death, blah blah blah.

I had been following that buzz for a hot second, so I was eager to see what my friends thought of it once they saw it. Pretty much everyone’s take on it was very positive. Everyone but one person.

This friend – whom I shall refer to as M – saw the movie right after it came out. She hadn’t read the books, so she went into it fresh. She didn’t like it. Now, there can be many, many reasons why a person doesn’t like a movie, but her reason? She didn’t like premise (kids killing kids). My reaction to that was something along these lines …


Um, okay, remember at that point I hadn’t read the books, hadn’t seen the movie, and was only going off of the buzz I’d read on the internet and the trailers for it. Even just watching the trailers alone I got the gist of the whole dystopian future and children fighting each other to the death. So my brain had a little implosion at the apparent stupidity of my friend. Seriously, just watching the trailers alone should give you the idea of the movie so you should be able to tell whether or not you’d like the premise. My question, of course, was, “Why the hell did you waste your money and your time to go watch a movie that you should have known you wouldn’t like in the first place?” Did she even watch a single trailer? Read any of the buzz online? If I’d been a cartoon character, I would have a giant, “WTF” floating over my head along with an exasperated sweat drop ala anime. I’d known her in high school, I swear she wasn’t that stupid back then. Did she have a traumatic brain injury sometime in between the time she graduated and we lost contact until the time I added her as a friend on facebook? Or does she just simply live in a black hole where no information from the outside world can reach her? Or is she just willingly ignorant and will go blow money on a movie when she hasn’t seen the trailer or read any of the buzz?

I don’t know, but I honestly can’t feel sorry for her if she’s that stupid.

Lesson of the day, kids: before you go to the theater to watch a movie, at least watch one goddamn trailer to see if you are interested in the premise. If the answer to that is no, don’t waste your fucking money and then go complain about it on facebook. You’ll look like a complete fucking retarded-ass buttmunch who couldn’t find their ass with a roadmap if their life depended on it, just like M did. And then someone will inevitably vent about it on a blog. She should just be thankful that, in order for me to remain anonymous, I can’t expose her (though she would definitely deserve it).

The sad thing is, I know that she’s probably not the only person that did this.


Some days you want to just shoot yourself in the head because you don’t want to live in a world with this much stupid, but then you realize you’d just be eliminating another voice of reason. Don’t eliminate that voice of reason, there are far too few of us left.

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